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Tracing Family History in Old Photographs

I began to scan old Kodachrome colour film transparencies taken by my father. This post is about researching images with which you know nothing of where or when they were taken. I picked-up my magnifying glass, opened Google Chrome browser and travelled the world.

Finding a Place from a Photograph

The scanned photographs were found inside a Kodachrome box with “Honeymoon” handwritten on it. So I suspected these shots were from my parents honeymoon on the Spanish island of Majorca in 1957.

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Summer garden fruits

Every year I find new views of garden plants despite repeating favourite crops. There are new forms, textures, shape, insects, moisture, dirt etc because nature is both orderly and random. You need to get in close to see these views, they are not visible standing-up. You must get on your knees and close.

First-up we have Garden lettuce, carrot, pea and potato.

Lettuce leaf

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