Category: Beloved

  • Poppy up close

    My adorable Golden Retriever, Poppy tends to treat any photo shoot with a turn of her head away from the lens. So you really need to work hard and patiently to capture Poppy up close.

  • Poppylocks snow frolics

    Poppylocks snow frolics

    An early November snowstorm in that cold winter of 2010 brought bliss for Poppy. She does enjoy tearing around, burying her head in the snow and snorting the stuff up her hooter (a nose for my readers in farther bits of the earth).                

  • Poppy Trumped

    Poppy Trumped

    Poppy does a Donald, but she prefers “sidesaddle’.

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty

    Poppy. Happy.