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More autumn in Glen Feshie

I have taken many trips around Cairngorm and one of my favourite locations is Glen Feshie, south of the mountains. It is a beautiful flat-bottomed glen surrounded on all sides by heather hills (thanks to the deer) and a gentle boulder strewn meandering river. Gentle until winter snow and spring melt bring dangerous torrents of flood water. What makes this spot special are the collection of Scots Pines. They grow as individuals, often at gravity denying angles, in clusters of two or three as well as clumps. There is colour, curves, shape and texture which creates a rewarding photographic experience. Hope you enjoy this collection from 2007.

Glen Feshie

Scots pine , Glen Feshie

River Feshie

Glen Feshie

Autumn, Glen Feshie

Glen Feshie

Winter toll on Scots pine, Glen Feshie

River Feshie, Glen Feshie

This is where most of these photographs were taken.

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A penciled cross in Scotland

Scotland votes tomorrow to answer the question “Should Scotland be an independent Country?”.  I would not tell you which way to vote, we all have our own journeys to make. This is a walk through my glen of doubt. First let me give background. Generally I subscribe to a Billy Connolly world view. Despite skin colour, language, religion, sexual orientation or birthplace we are all the same. Ideally there would be no countries or borders only people doing work, loving and creating great things. Prior voting patterns have been conservative, even Conservative, but also Labour and SNP. I’m no lieutenant of any Party.

I dislike the ‘Braveheart bullshit’ attitude often used to justify important arguments. Or the down-trodden McChip on our shoulders of many Scots. I also worry some are persuaded in this debate by suggestions we can create a socialist nirvana called Freedonia. Going much further than our free tuition fees, prescriptions and Cheesy Pasta. Cheesy Pasta should be part of a national nutritional breakfast. More debt is not the answer so Politicians must account for policy in reaching their fabled “fairer society”. Fairer yes, free must be paid for.
Gerona, Catalonia, Spain July 2014
Honesty and integrity are important characteristics. In the past I have removed ne’er-do-wells  from my christmas list because they thought lying was appropriate in business or friendship. I am no saint, but trust has its place. Thinking back over the past 10-15 years I have been deeply shocked at decisions and more importantly the ‘mood-music’ of Politics. Working backwards:

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