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  • Bees Through The Rapeseed

    Bees Through The Rapeseed

    Around the local fields rapeseed was in bloom and bees were busy collecting nectar thanks to a local beekeeper working with the farmer. Mid-May and despite the risk of a sting, I wanted to get closer to the handler to see the bees despite the risk of being stung.

  • Summer photographs from the garden

    Summer photographs from the garden

    Another batch of colour and detail with summer photographs from the garden in late summer. Mother nature can look glorious when you get close to the bugs and flowers.                                         More flower detail

  • More butterflies, bees and bugs

    More butterflies, bees and bugs

    Time for another release of butterflies, bees and bugs this summer.                       More here    

  • Busy bee

    Busy bee

  • Honey Bee

    The honey bee is having a great time with buddleia bursting out colour in the garden. I went close-up using an old macro lens to capture the beautiful detail in the wings and bodies.