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  • Hidden Valley Glencoe

    The Hidden Valley Glencoe is a fantastic days walk. Whenever I visit Glencoe just driving towards Stob Dearg (the Red Mountain) shrinks me into Antman. You normalise in the face of such grand mountains as do your worries and achievements. We are all very small creatures measured against mother nature. Also known as The Lost Valley and this…

  • Road to Hushinish

    Road? It’s really a 12 mile single track “B” grade metalled or tarred road to an alcove of unspoilt Harris beauty. Hushinish the most westerly point on Harris and Lewis emits a contented solitude that envelops. Your worries calm, soaking in a landscape as devils fall from the shoulder. Inhale and rejuvenate over and over.…

  • Shaped by river Feshie

    Shaped by river Feshie

    Holding curvaceous stones worn from a long life spent in a riverbed is a small pleasure. This is a collection of sedimentary and volcanic rocks photographed in river Feshie, Glen Feshie, Highland, Scotland. Perhaps one of my favourite places on our lovely rock.