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  • Stone built Stirling

    Stone built Stirling

    Photographs of Stirling and the stone construction shot around the west side towards the Church of Holy Rude and Stirling Castle.          

  • Ochils over Dollar

    Ochils over Dollar

    An autumn stroll above the Ochils Dollar in Clackmannanshire. Castle Campbell (aka Castle Gloom) looks over the Forth Valley. Midday sun in November brought the colours to life as a mist creeps along the river Forth in the valley below.                

  • Dollar Glen delights

    Dollar Glen delights

    I’m not apologising for more shots of this great glen. Dollar Glen in Clackmannanshire. Topped-off with Castle Campbell.          

  • Dollar Glen tour

    Dollar Glen tour

    Go for a tour or spin in Dollar Glen and see how Castle Campbell nestles into the Ochils. It spins, magnifies and if you click the full-screen button enlarges the view.

  • Autumn in Dollar Glen

    Autumn in Dollar Glen

    Dollar Glen is a beautiful gorge set into the eastern flank of the Ochils. At the head sits Castle Campbell. A 15th century tower built for the Campbells of Argyll (who fought their neighbours, the Clan Lamont in 1645-46). The glen is at its best in Autumn with a range of trees producing a fantastic…

  • Biscuits under the Castle

    Biscuits under the Castle