Stirling’s monumental little secret

Roof between Nave and Altar

View from Nave
I have visited many churches and this one is stunning. The 14th century timber roof beams, graphic windows, and an organ to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

Fine buildings become special when the people who own, run and maintain them not only appreciate their wonder, but share it freely with others. It is staffed by friendly volunteers, knowledgeable in its construction and heritage. I visited this church many times and always received a warm welcome. If your are looking for discovery and enrichment while in Stirling, take an hour and make this part of your day. Judging by the visitors book, the rest of the world knows all about Stirling’s monumental little secret too.

View of Altar

This is my first Church Panorama taken near the Altar. Church of Holy Rude website here.


Thomas Coats Memorial Church

I’ll keep this light on words as i think this building speaks for itself. This is Coats Memorial Church in Paisley, Renfrewshire. As an Engineering student I sat exams in its cold interior (with a trusty tip-ex bottle of etched maths formulae), but its the gothic exterior that grabs the eye in Paisley’s High Street.  Gargoyles galore. Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist church is named after one of the founders of J & P Coats Ltd, a thread manufacturer. Built in 1894 by Edinburgh architect Hippolyte J Blanc.