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  • Girona views, Catalonia, Spain

    Girona Part One Girona – northern Spain’s largest city lies 62 miles north of Barcelona. Its position has been fought over many times by the French just 40 miles to the north. Wilfred the Hairy the Count of Barcelona, incorporated it within Barcelona’s power in 878. It is a beautiful City full of pastels, history, alcoves (or…

  • Stirling in Ice and Snow

    I took a short walk around Stirling in ice and snow. Overcast boring skies meant a focus on the buildings and streets. The icicles are interesting hanging at an angle from The Golden Lion Hotel, Stirling. You can see there has been a constant left-right wind blowing up King street meaning as the icicle forms,…

  • Springtime in Stirling 2

    More springtime in Stirling. See Springtime in Stirling  

  • Springtime in Stirling

    Who does not love Spring?

  • Stirling sunlight

    Stirling sunlight

    Some remarkable displays of sunlight around Wallace Monument, Stirling Castle and the Ochil hills.

  • Commonwealth Games 2014

    Commonwealth Games 2014

    The games came to Glasgow and as with every festival and event the city put on its best party dress which made a memorable visit.