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  • Spring on Ochils

    Following on from my Spring Beauty series these are a few views of the Ochil’s in the new spring lush green finery. See Spring Beauty series

  • Bees Through The Rapeseed

    Bees Through The Rapeseed

    Around the local fields rapeseed was in bloom and bees were busy collecting nectar thanks to a local beekeeper working with the farmer. Mid-May and despite the risk of a sting, I wanted to get closer to the handler to see the bees despite the risk of being stung.

  • Fields of Clackmannanshire summer on iPhone

    Fields of Clackmannanshire summer on iPhone

    These were shot on an iPhone 4 in 2010 and are a good demonstration of how the iPhone camera (and others) have transformed photography. Its only weakness was wild swings in colour temperature from shot to shot, for which I corrected in this collection. These were taken around the rolling fields in Clackmannanshire at the foot…

  • Towering photography

    Towering photography

  • Combine Harvester vs Photographer

    Combine Harvester vs Photographer

    My original idea was to burn the lights of the vehicles across the field, but the combine was frighteningly large and kept chasing my chosen vantage point. Shot in September at sunset. The Farmers around Clackmannanshire are a very friendly bunch.