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  • Bees Through The Rapeseed

    Bees Through The Rapeseed

    Around the local fields rapeseed was in bloom and bees were busy collecting nectar thanks to a local beekeeper working with the farmer. Mid-May and despite the risk of a sting, I wanted to get closer to the handler to see the bees despite the risk of being stung.

  • Clackmannanshire abstracts

    Clackmannanshire abstracts

    It’s not a frequent habit of me to shoot frames low in detail, shape and colour. Yet these shots can carry more weight and thoughtful curiosity. I hope you enjoy these Clackmannanshire abstracts.

  • Fields of Clackmannanshire summer on iPhone

    Fields of Clackmannanshire summer on iPhone

    These were shot on an iPhone 4 in 2010 and are a good demonstration of how the iPhone camera (and others) have transformed photography. Its only weakness was wild swings in colour temperature from shot to shot, for which I corrected in this collection. These were taken around the rolling fields in Clackmannanshire at the foot…

  • Equine chill

    Equine chill

  • Clackmannanshire’s bhanana fields

    Clackmannanshire’s bhanana fields

    Note the silent “h’ in the title 😛 Rapeseed blooming early this year and is so tall I must fit a bell to the dog because she gets lost. Again the iphone shines as a grab shot camera. Lovely splash of colour in the rolling countryside now winter is gone. (Click on the photograph and…

  • Alloa golf

    I have often wanted to play at Alloa Golf course, but never got around to it. Tennis and skiing are my relief valve. Thinking about golf its something I think I would find compulsive. You sense the magic in the split second striking the ball and feel it, knowing the shot was a winner. It…