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  • Spring from Gartmorn dam

    Spring from Gartmorn dam

    Gartmorn dam was constructed in 1713 by Sir John Erskine (6th Earl of Mar) to power the pumps which drained his coal mines. It’s industry has given way to mother nature and become a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Particularly for migrating wildfowl, now Scotland’s oldest water reservoir.

  • Summer around Gartmorn dam

    Summer around Gartmorn dam

    I know its summer and this being a very wet one so dry and sunny pictures are scarce. So from 2011 enjoy these summer photographs around Gartmorn dam near Alloa, Clackmannanshire. The dam is an emergency backup water reserve should the many dams higher-up in the Ochils should run dry. Hah! Like thats ever going to…

  • Poppy listening in

    Poppy listening in

  • Drippy Droopy

    Drippy Droopy

  • Spring wildlife

    Spring wildlife

    Some iPhone shots

  • Abstract views of winter ice

    Abstract views of winter ice

    Gartmorn Dam, Clackmannanshire is still heavily iced over, but pockets of meltwater have created interesting patterns that caught my eye. The more time spent there, the more I saw which is a theme I plan to return to.