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  • Catalan Landscape

    The Catalan landscape has a similar look to typical Scottish rural landscapes. Catalonia has a different climate to most of Spain due to the Pyrenees. This has the effect of causing more rainfall, providing a greener landscape and colder winters than the rest of Spain. Scottish summers do not compare, but somehow the effects on the…

  • Harvest bounty

    My joy of gardening is seeing beautiful and tasty bounty harvested from garden to plate, sandwich or pot straight from the ground. This has been a good year with plenty sunshine and rain. This list includes: Three sackfuls of potato Six weeks of daily pickings of lettuce Six weeks of cucumber Endless tomatoes Friday from…

  • Highland harvest

    Highland harvest

  • Equine chill

    Equine chill

  • Towering photography

    Towering photography

  • Combine Harvester vs Photographer

    Combine Harvester vs Photographer

    My original idea was to burn the lights of the vehicles across the field, but the combine was frighteningly large and kept chasing my chosen vantage point. Shot in September at sunset. The Farmers around Clackmannanshire are a very friendly bunch.