Harris Beach – Luskentyre

You think Photography is easy? This location proves it isn’t. Walking this Harris beach jolts your senses and herein lies the problem. Its not about bagging a winning shot, but more a fear, a feeling of what you have to lose if you fail. The goal is the next shot, never more than that. Luskentyre (headland fort, disappeared) is often voted best beach in Scotland/UK/Europe/world. I understand why.

Luskentyre bay at sunset
Luskentyre bay at sunset


Harris beach - Luskentyre
Harris beach – Luskentyre

You are alone on this beach. Yet sounds of waves crash on the shoreline, winds whistle your ears and the views..oh the scenery. And smell, yes the salty fresh and sweet odours ream the nostrils clean. Take your shoes off – feel the sand, squeeze grains between toes, scrunched satisfyingly underfoot. Alone, but never lonely. Mother nature has your hand. Continue reading Harris Beach – Luskentyre

Ferry to the Outer Hebrides

Forsooth Miss Haversham, these lands do give me the vapours.  Its taken too long to reach the Outer Hebrides, and oh boy it was worth it. Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac) runs many ferries to Scotland’s Outer and Inner Hebrides. The Outer Hebrides are a collection of 100 islands off Scotland’s north west coast of which only 15 are inhabited. I visited in November 2016 to tour, camp and photograph the views and detail of Harris and Lewis in the north.  I drove up to Uig on Skye for the ferry to Tarbert which lies on Harris just south of Lewis. Confusingly they are different regions of the largest island. Harris is very rocky with many hills while Lewis is more gentle, lower level and marshy.

Harris sheep
Isle of Harris sheep

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Harris and Lewis shots

In November I visited Harris and Lewis on a photography tour. They are part of the Outer Hebrides lying on the north west coast of Scotland. I had planned to travel the group of islands from Vatersay then through the Uists onto Harris and Lewis. However it became clear during planning how large these islands are. In the past I considered backpacking or cycling, but as summer melted into autumn then blown away by winter so I choose motorised transport.

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