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The games came to Glasgow and as with every festival and event the city put on its best party dress which made a memorable visit.

On the south side of the Clyde lies the Glasgow Tower opened in 2001. It is the worlds tallest 360 degree rotating building as it aligns to the direction of the wind. Its like a large upended wing and contains two lift shafts and set of stairs to a viewing platform. Beside this lies the arched …

Crikey jings…two posts in one day! This was an early shoot catching sun rising over the arched roof of the Glasgow Science Museum surrounded on three sides by the river Clyde in these Pacific Quay photographs.

I’m making no apologies for showing more and more views and details around the Glasgow Science Centre, Tower and IMAX cinema buildings. These are organic and curvaceous buildings growing from the ground. Unlike the rabbit hutch BBC Scotland building next door. Apart from this first shot 🙂