Scarista Beach Scotland

Lets go to another Scottish beach because you must. Beach visits refresh the parts other environments fail to reach. Sarista Beach Scotland is on the west coast of Harris and despite this overcast November day, interesting views were all around. I’m often taken with the small geography of the sand, how the wind shapes it, how the plants inhabit and shape sand too. Be sure to see me doing Maths on the Beach™ at the end of the article.

Beach detail


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Harris Beach – Luskentyre

You think Photography is easy? This location proves it isn’t. Walking this Harris beach jolts your senses and herein lies the problem. Its not about bagging a winning shot, but more a fear, a feeling of what you have to lose if you fail. The goal is the next shot, never more than that. Luskentyre (headland fort, disappeared) is often voted best beach in Scotland/UK/Europe/world. I understand why.

Luskentyre bay at sunset
Luskentyre bay at sunset


Harris beach - Luskentyre
Harris beach – Luskentyre

You are alone on this beach. Yet sounds of waves crash on the shoreline, winds whistle your ears and the views..oh the scenery. And smell, yes the salty fresh and sweet odours ream the nostrils clean. Take your shoes off – feel the sand, squeeze grains between toes, scrunched satisfyingly underfoot. Alone, but never lonely. Mother nature has your hand. Continue reading Harris Beach – Luskentyre