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  • Isle of Cumbrae Part 3

    Isle of Cumbrae Part 3

    Part 3 of photographs from Isle of Cumbrae. That’s it from Cumbrae for a while, many more photographs of the isle to come.

  • Isle of Cumbrae Part 2

    Isle of Cumbrae Part 2

    More views and detail of Cumbrae.

  • Wester Ross

    Wester Ross

    Continuing the seashore theme of late. This collection of photographs are from Wester Ross, north of Gairloch which is another ‘exposed to the Westerlies’ nook of the Northwest coast of Scotland.                    

  • Shaped by river Feshie

    Shaped by river Feshie

    Holding curvaceous stones worn from a long life spent in a riverbed is a small pleasure. This is a collection of sedimentary and volcanic rocks photographed in river Feshie, Glen Feshie, Highland, Scotland. Perhaps one of my favourite places on our lovely rock.