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  • Autumn in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

    An interesting series of paths around this park in the Trossachs, particularly in autumn. An added element are metal mirror-finished sculptures nestling within the woodland that reflect light and landscape back at you in human form. Easily missed, but lovely when noticed.

  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery

    Kelvingrove Art Gallery

    You have to hand it to Glasgow City Council, Scottish Government and generous benefactors to have this treasure trove of art open to all, without cost. Museums and galleries can create key moments for visiting children. Such moments can later inspire decisions based on that early childhood visit.

  • Nelson’s bustle

    Nelson’s bustle


  • Colonel Sir David Stirling, SAS founder

    Colonel Sir David Stirling, SAS founder


  • Wellington & Copenhagen in matching hats

    Wellington & Copenhagen in matching hats

    I love the public’s contribution to the statue of Wellington and horse Copenhagen outside Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art . So much more memorable. (Thanks to tweet from @DunningDesign who mentioned dual coneheads).

  • Andy Scott Stride

    Andy Scott Stride is a partner piece to River Spirit.  ‘Stride’ is a man in motion rising from the earth and faces north towards Ochil hills. Where River Spirit is to water, he is to earth and sky. Stride is a hugely dynamic creation suggesting motion, flight and nature (trees in hands) which is an…