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  • Isle of Cumbrae Part 2

    Isle of Cumbrae Part 2

    More views and detail of Cumbrae.

  • St Andrews and Anstruther

    St Andrews and Anstruther

    The harbours of St Andrews and Anstruther. St Andrews “the home of golf” has changed greatly over the past thirty years. It is a University town packed with houses of all sizes from grand mansions to terraced mews but nobody has ever been seen entering or leaving a house. Almost as if everyone you saw in the town was a visitor. This continues…

  • Beach details

    Beach details

    More shoreline photographic detail from Tentsmuir Sands in fife.                

  • Sea perspective

    Sea perspective

    From Tentsmuir sands a low sea perspective of washed-up items from the shoreline.                     See more SEA

  • Scottish seaside

    Scottish seaside

    A small collection of seaside photographs around Scotland. Some are simple phone camera grabshots. There is something refreshing about visits to the seaside. Is it the tides perpetually renewing the shoreline, weather, smell or sound? Whatever, it is perhaps my favourite location in which to relax.