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Stirling in Ice and Snow

I took a short walk around Stirling in ice and snow. Overcast boring skies meant a focus on the buildings and streets. The icicles are interesting hanging at an angle from The Golden Lion Hotel, Stirling. You can see there has been a constant left-right wind blowing up King street meaning as the icicle forms, …

November Flurries

Early November flurries of snow carpeted the Ochils bringing errie quiet, until Poppy arrives. Bounding in circles, snorting and rolling in the cold stuff, a happy dog.          

Lochaber and north west coast

More shots in the Lochaber area on Scotland’s north-west coast.  

An early November snowstorm in that cold winter of 2010 brought bliss for Poppy. She does enjoy tearing around, burying her head in the snow and snorting the stuff up her hooter (a nose for my readers in farther bits of the earth).