St Andrews and Anstruther

The harbours of St Andrews and Anstruther. St Andrews “the home of golf” has changed greatly over the past thirty years. It is a University town packed with houses of all sizes from grand mansions to terraced mews but nobody has ever been seen entering or leaving a house. Almost as if everyone you saw in the town was a visitor.

This continues today as tourists spill from the narrow pavements onto the streets as they go from shop to shop. It is much busier and there are many more shops mostly from the big chainstores. Fortunately a few good bookshops and sweetshops remain. Yet no-one ever is seen crossing the threshold of a house…

Anstruther [ainster] bookends a great St Andrews day-trip with an outstanding fish and chip shop, if you can endure the 40 minute queue. It too has a busy harbour of fishery and leisure activity.