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  • Communications 107 years ago – atoms not electrons

    We found an old postcard sent from a friend to an ancestor at 9:30am on 22nd April 1910 – 107 years ago today. It depicts a football match between Scotland and England played twenty days earlier at Hampden Park, Glasgow. The score was 2-0 to Scotland, yes we used to play and win football matches…

  • Hold still, until my iphone reboots

    Hold still, until my iphone reboots

    Ever the photographer I’m keen to capture family events big and small, I ask my youngest child to stop hugging his mum goodbye and stand in front of his departing ski bus. A few friends join the line-up as other parents whip out their smartphones and get their shot. I can’t. I  ask the kids to wait…

  • “This is unacceptable”

    “This is unacceptable”

    Most things have limits. Speed limits on roads, how often a razor blade is used, the expiry date of fresh fruit. In an earlier life as a young Engineer in ’91, I noticed how different management styles affected the behaviour of staff. One of my favourites was Randy Ziffer. A spirited young Director of Manufacturing at…

  • The best smartphone speaker you throw away

    The best smartphone speaker you throw away

    An everyday low-cost speaker.