Glasgow Smile

Glasgow smile, because there are some sights. Whenever I wander around the city with my camera I always see something interesting. Lately there are some new artworks painted on unobtrusive walls. And the city transforms from old red sandstone architecture to structures shiny and new.

Coming and going


Ghost in a thin shell


Eye of the walker

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Eilean Glas Lighthouse on Scalpay

Eilean Glas Lighthouse on the island of Scalpay is a gem. Tower of red and white gloss painted brickwork surrounded by dishevelled outbuildings and a huge rusty fog horn. It lies north west of the northern most top of Skye protecting shipping from the turbulent Minch waters.

Fog horn and Eilean Glas Lighthouse


Eilean Glas with Skye in background

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Castellfollit de la Roca, Village on a Cliff

Castellfollit de la Roca exists from its peculiar geological spit of land with sheer cliff edges. The village sits on a basalt crag 50m high above the valley floor and 1km long. The crag was formed from a lava flow in this volcanic region and the surrounding land was eroded from the two nearby rivers Fluvia and Turonell. Like Besalú, the streets are dark and narrow, but ooze charm.

Castellfollit de la Roca
Castellfollit de la Roca

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