Thomas Coats Memorial Church

I’ll keep this light on words as i think this building speaks for itself. This is Coats Memorial Church in Paisley, Renfrewshire. As an Engineering student I sat exams in its cold interior (with a trusty tip-ex bottle of etched maths formulae), but its the gothic exterior that grabs the eye in Paisley’s High Street.  Gargoyles galore. Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist church is named after one of the founders of J & P Coats Ltd, a thread manufacturer. Built in 1894 by Edinburgh architect Hippolyte J Blanc.

2 thoughts on “Thomas Coats Memorial Church

  1. This is a stunning piece of Church archietecture, day or night.  A must see wonder of Paisley.

  2. It has a great position to catch the light. Despite me giving these shots a little light treatment, the red sandstone radiates that red/orange hue when the sun shines.

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