Uig – Isle of Lewis

This is a curiosity. Gallan Head or Aird Uig Isle of Lewis was transformed from peat-bog into a defence listening post in 1950’s.  The Royal Air Force built RADAR towers used to eavesdrop shipping which continued through the Cold War under NATO ownership. Finally it was sold and is now owned by the Gallan Head Community Trust. Aird Uig is an unusual settlement.  Changing from ugly utilitarian barracks into homely colourful homes. The moorland is also transforming from concrete buildings and groundworks to a whale watching/listening area and night sky observation point. Gallan Head has terrific views out over the Atlantic Ocean. I wish it well in its transformation.

Aird Uig Isle of Lewis, Gallen Head


Ex-militarised wilderness



Wooden gangway




Concrete Anchor point for towers (now gone)






Foundations and groundworks


Ex-RAF now crumbling buildings






Concrete footings for removed towers


Aird Uig Isle of Lewis
Aird Uig Isle of Lewis


Loch a’ Rubha Chaoil


The plateau


Gallan Head moor with Tathabhal and Mealsbhal behind


Runha Mòr cliffs


Gallan Head peat moorland


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See Trust web page

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