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  • Andrew Huggan singer: music, photography & video

    Andrew Huggan singer: music, photography & video

    Musicians are talented. They create vibrations in air which make sense to the ear and evoke emotion. How does a photographer using light capture a creator of sound ? Andrew Huggan is a Scottish Folk singer songwriter from Clackmannanshire who wanted new promotional visuals. He didn’t want a Jonny Ive white studio look (as if…

  • Nature under the knife

    Nature under the knife

    Something different today. A dark still life dissection of mother nature. Click images & arrow keys to navigate. I’m becoming more interested in using visuals to say something. To give them a voice. Its almost like I can capture the likeness of someone for others to treasure in a portrait, or manufacture a scene to…

  • Stirling’s monumental little secret

    Stirling’s monumental little secret

    I have visited many churches and this one is stunning. The 14th century timber roof beams, graphic windows, and an organ to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Fine buildings become special when the people who own, run and maintain them not only appreciate their wonder, but share it freely…

  • Spring wildlife

    Spring wildlife

    Some iPhone shots

  • Fashion shoot in York

    Fashion shoot in York

    A terrific fashion shoot with Zoe and Chloe based in Yorkshire dales. They were real troupers especially in the cold as a group of like-minded Photographers got together to talk about artistry and life behind the lens.

  • Abstract views of winter ice

    Abstract views of winter ice

    Gartmorn Dam, Clackmannanshire is still heavily iced over, but pockets of meltwater have created interesting patterns that caught my eye. The more time spent there, the more I saw which is a theme I plan to return to.