Andrew Huggan Scottish Folk singer songwriter

Andrew Huggan singer: music, photography & video

Musicians are talented. They create vibrations in air which make sense to the ear and evoke emotion. How does a photographer using light capture a creator of sound ?

Andrew Huggan is a Scottish Folk singer songwriter from Clackmannanshire who wanted new promotional visuals. He didn’t want a Jonny Ive white studio look (as if lit by a thousand suns) which was my beat. After nosing around online for ideas and listening to Andrew’s thoughts, I decided we would do a ‘stop and shoot’ ((like a “stop and chat” as invented by Larry David)) in open and nature-rich settings. This gave me a choice of backdrops, perspectives, tones and lighting.

Andrew Huggan Scottish Folk singer songwriter
Shot on a pavement in Dollar with two strobes to give nice shadow drama

During this shot (above) children walked-up to us and offered some money, wee souls. Thought we were busking!

Andrew dressed for winter
low key
Overexposing to change mood
high key

My goal is to create interest within a rectangular shape. Outside that shape is visual trivia, but can add spice. Context matters if it affects what appears in the frame. Since we are greatly affected by our surroundings I find unusual surroundings can add that something extra. I used that here. These two shots above were taken in front of a Toilet block! The door is finished in a fantastic dimpled aluminium finish which can add gorgeous light to a shot. Here its main effect was to set the Client off-balance when told “now we’re going to shoot in front of a block of toilets”. In the first shot there is mild suspicion and doubt, perhaps even distrust and adds intensity to the expression. This worked well with bundled-up clothes and a low key (dark) tone. Even though it was in full direct sunshine. The high key shot was taken less than sixty seconds later near the same spot, and a lighter relieved expression is revealed.

Andrew playing guitar

I was worried the pink cherry blossom might be too ‘cheesy’, but it does work. Andrew sings often of the elements in nature like spirit, Selkies, etc

Andrew and guitar
Sound from the environment

Musician Photography

How dow you record visually something audible? Include the tools and the person.

Guitar strings making music

You see the vibrations, the prelude to sound and music in our ears ? Live music is best!

We ended the day shooting scenes in forrest settings around Gartmorn dam.

I must thank @mrmacmusic, @MitchellDesigns and @Landscapess365 for sending Andrews Twitter appeal for a photographer my way. Social rules 😛 Oh and I knew that photographing musicians was not a path to riches thanks to Brad Trent on David Hobby’s site. I enjoyed the experience of shooting a musician playing live in my outdoor studio.

Behind the scenes video:



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    Hello to you welldone on the photo shoot & with the Biog interesting news & a big hand to the Photographer JOHN   hope to hear from you soon Ive posted a comment for you to read on facebook all the best for the forthcoming months TAM & LINDA .x.

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