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  • Olympic Torch Flames Through Alloa

    Olympic Torch Flames Through Alloa

    On the morning of 13th June 2012 the Olympic torch relay made its was through Alloa. The organisation of the event was impressive with many Brands buying Olympic sponsorship. Despite the froth and hoopla it was a chance to see that beautiful golden torch.

  • Clackmannanshire abstracts

    Clackmannanshire abstracts

    It’s not a frequent habit of me to shoot frames low in detail, shape and colour. Yet these shots can carry more weight and thoughtful curiosity. I hope you enjoy these Clackmannanshire abstracts.

  • Andy Scott Stride

    Andy Scott Stride is a partner piece to River Spirit.  ‘Stride’ is a man in motion rising from the earth and faces north towards Ochil hills. Where River Spirit is to water, he is to earth and sky. Stride is a hugely dynamic creation suggesting motion, flight and nature (trees in hands) which is an…

  • Public art improves public spaces

    Public art improves public spaces

    A new roundabout was created at the junction of two rural roads in Clackmannanshire, Scotland’s smallest county.  The centrepiece is unusual. A stunning bright creative metal latticework in the form of a lady holding a metal squiggle which is called River Spirit. When erected, it was unclear who the Artist was as there are no markings…