Olympic Torch Flames Through Alloa

On the morning of 13th June 2012 the Olympic torch relay made its was through Alloa. The organisation of the event was impressive with many Brands buying Olympic sponsorship. Despite the froth and hoopla it was a chance to see that beautiful golden torch.

I’m always pleased when Athletes applaud the National Lottery for assisting their success through funding. It is uncomfortable watching a poor sod splashing £10 across various National Lottery products in hope while wearing sandals and socks with many holes. The training of many Athletes is funded by those with the lowest incomes. Right or wrong – it is a fact.


Sculptor Andy Scott’s final piece in Clackmannanshire ‘Lifeline’ welcomes the Olympic Relay

Relay anticipation


Young and old waiting.


Its a short career for high-fiveing outriders.



Main Torch Relay arrives, Brand Sponsors first






Exchange of flame between runners


It’s a long day.





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