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  • Spring Beauty 2

    Spring Beauty 2

    More images from woodland around Menstrie in Clackmannanshire.

  • Spring Beauty

    Spring Beauty

    Around this time of year the woodland floor transforms from a barren dull brown into a lush colourful performance. At woods in nearby Menstrie, these bluebells and wild garlic fight through last years leaf litter to such a beautiful display. Worth seeking out.

  • Bees Through The Rapeseed

    Bees Through The Rapeseed

    Around the local fields rapeseed was in bloom and bees were busy collecting nectar thanks to a local beekeeper working with the farmer. Mid-May and despite the risk of a sting, I wanted to get closer to the handler to see the bees despite the risk of being stung.

  • Olympic Torch Flames Through Alloa

    Olympic Torch Flames Through Alloa

    On the morning of 13th June 2012 the Olympic torch relay made its was through Alloa. The organisation of the event was impressive with many Brands buying Olympic sponsorship. Despite the froth and hoopla it was a chance to see that beautiful golden torch.

  • Ochils on fire

    Ochils on fire

    On 4th June 2012 there were thousands of beacons lit to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. On the Ochils highest hill, Dumyat, its beacon was lit later than the others so a complete Ochil Panorama of all beacons alight was not possible. However beacons above Alva, Tillicoultry and Dollar were ablaze and visible.

  • Dollar Glen Scotland part 2

    Dollar Glen Scotland part 2

    Dollar Glen Scotland in Clackmannanshire is in the middle of a frosty and mist covered spell of wintery weather.