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Duncansby Head Stacks

Duncansby Head stacks are on the most northerly point of the British mainland, a higher latitude than John’O’Groats. On this Summer’s day the mist was pouring from the land to the sea, unusually. Yet blue skies over the North Sea. Yet the stacks or pinnacles are so majestic and give a good sign of coastal erosion.

Duncansby Head Stacks with Thirle Door in the mist
Duncansby Head Stacks with Thirle Door in the mist

These giant pinnacles of rock shoot out of the coastal floor and covered with seagulls nesting.

Duncansby Head cliff over the North Sea
Cliff over the North Sea

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Waverley Paddle Steamer day out

Over the past ten years my family went “doon the water”, touring the Clyde estuary, its seaside ports and islands aboard the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world – a day out on the Waverley.

If you have visitors, or just need to get some fresh-air then a day on the Waverley is an invigorating experience. From the rush of sea air to foaming seas, the searing heat, smell of the engine room and the chattering paddles. Their cutting of the sea propelling the boat along rapidly. On two trips we had the of luck being accompanied by pipers, guitarists and more. This creating a jolly soundtrack.

Highly recommended. Book tickets Waverley tickets here.