Duncansby Head Stacks

Duncansby Head stacks are on the most northerly point of the British mainland, a higher latitude than John’O’Groats. On this Summer’s day the mist was pouring from the land to the sea, unusually. Yet blue skies over the North Sea. Yet the stacks or pinnacles are so majestic and give a good sign of coastal erosion.

Duncansby Head Stacks with Thirle Door in the mist
Duncansby Head Stacks with Thirle Door in the mist

These giant pinnacles of rock shoot out of the coastal floor and covered with seagulls nesting.

Duncansby Head cliff over the North Sea
Cliff over the North Sea


Duncansby Head stacks
Pinnacles of the stacks

This is not a place to be during a storm which explains the automated lighthouse.

Tips of Duncansby Head stacks
Tips of the stacks, with a thistle


Duncansby Head stacks and Thirle Door
Duncansby Head stacks and Thirle Door in the mist


Duncansby Head Cliffs


Duncansby Head stacks in the mist
Stacks in the mist

If you are visiting John’o’groats which always leaves me underwhelmed, instead go the further 5m drive here. It well worth it but use good shoes and stick to the paths as the cliffs are very steep!

Some other shots of Thirle Door and more here.


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  1. Robert Lamont

    Excellent photos, Bro. Reminds me of the trip Kenneth and I took, looking at the same views. We were both on the cliff looking over and just in awe of the beauty. Thanks for the memories. Robert.

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