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  • Ochil woodland 2

    Some more photographs from the Ochil woodland above Alva and Tillicloultry. See Ochil Woodland part 1  

  • Ochil woodland

    The woods behind Alva and Tillicoultry offer great views of the surrounding Forth valley and the surrounding woodland. It is and easy ramble anyone can do with several routes and good paths. See Ochil Woodland 2

  • Andrew Huggan singer: music, photography & video

    Andrew Huggan singer: music, photography & video

    Musicians are talented. They create vibrations in air which make sense to the ear and evoke emotion. How does a photographer using light capture a creator of sound ? Andrew Huggan is a Scottish Folk singer songwriter from Clackmannanshire who wanted new promotional visuals. He didn’t want a Jonny Ive white studio look (as if…