Righteousness endures…

…long after the fear has been forgotten. Last week an independent report was published which criticised an English Council and Police Force. It disclosed how 1,400 children were abused between 1997 and 2013. Follow-on investigations suggest this was known about by agencies at the time. Three days later the UK Government raised our defensive shields to one notch off Armageddon on account of non-specific threats made against the UK by apparently unsavoury citizens while abroad. This latter story led to a debate in Parliament  then the government demanded for more powers to restrict rights and freedoms of said unsavoury citizens two days after the loud ‘shields-up’ warning. Just in case. I don’t understand how the first report has not triggered a full public enquiry, led by some Lordly beak in the same way the phone hacking story garnered Hutton, Grant and The Sunday Sun. There are 1,400 children in our country who have been terrorised and will live the rest of their lives as their adult abusers evaded justice.

Why does unknown damage postponed by an uncertain future threat trump confirmed criminal abuse inside UK borders?

The Politics of Fear always excites the media, but it is chip-wrapping compared to the perpetrators of these wicked real crimes who must be put before a judge.