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  • Farewell My Adorable Poppy

    Farewell My Adorable Poppy

    My 40th birthday present was a Golden Retriever, we named Poppy. Sadly she passed away on Friday aged 13 3/4. I may write more on life with a camera and a dog, but for now my star has shot-up into the sky.

  • Covid 19 in 2020

    Covid 19 in 2020

    With some Engineering skills and a 3D printer, I joined the National 3D Printing Society to create face visors for people in healthcare areas as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This is because there are severe shortages of PPE. Accountability for this must be served at a later date for those in charge, but for now…

  • Catalonia Revisited

    Catalonia Revisited

    We have had several holidays in Catalonia the beautiful North East corner of Spain. The region and its leaders are in a struggle for independence from greater Spain. This struggle has always been visible while touring round its villages, towns and cities. We saw a few signs dotted around the main towns, often in English…

  • No Representation Without Participation

    No Representation Without Participation

    Felt like a student tonight. Something agitates your balance and forces you into fight or Netflix or Channel 4 as it was back then. So it is now. I can’t sit back, ignore or change channel. ‘Something must be done’ has bitten so I’m off to London town to register my displeasure. Brexit is an…

  • Why you SHOULD give a sh*t

    Why you SHOULD give a sh*t

    Birthdays that come with a zero after the number can give you a nasty jab in the ribs. Like when your government’s National Health Service marks your day with a “Bowel Screening Kit”…ouch!

  • A Torrent of Calm

    Tomorrow the entire UK will experience the sharpest one-day fall in stress and anxiety since the fall of the Berlin wall. News and social media updates will drop to their lowest levels as the country gets caught-up in the sweeping craze called voting. 97% of Scientists believe this highly expressive art form is woman made…