Poppy Tails: To Stirling By Train

Must tend my bouffant before being seen by my admirers.

Since the Rolls is in the garage, my first venture on a train awaits.

As my First Class carridge was dented by the Rolls, today I’m sharing.

I need to WALK ?!

I’m not cycling unless you buy me a bone.

Can we find a sleepy spot for my afternoon nap?

You might be fine with a coffee, but I need something stronger.

Shoobie doobie doo…hic. I like how they let humans inside also.

No I dont want FLEAS !!!!

Its certainly not shag-pile, like the Rolls.

What on Pluto’s nose is that ?

Ahaa Gromit’s house impressive for plasticine.

Thanks Train. Think i’d like to go another adventure sometime.

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