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  • Farewell My Adorable Poppy

    Farewell My Adorable Poppy

    My 40th birthday present was a Golden Retriever, we named Poppy. Sadly she passed away on Friday aged 13 3/4. I may write more on life with a camera and a dog, but for now my star has shot-up into the sky.

  • Covid 19 in 2020

    Covid 19 in 2020

    With some Engineering skills and a 3D printer, I joined the National 3D Printing Society to create face visors for people in healthcare areas as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This is because there are severe shortages of PPE. Accountability for this must be served at a later date for those in charge, but for now…

  • Poppy Tails: To Stirling By Train

    Poppy Tails: To Stirling By Train

    A dog must have her hair just right before venturing outside.

  • November Flurries

    Early November flurries of snow carpeted the Ochils bringing errie quiet, until Poppy arrives. Bounding in circles, snorting and rolling in the cold stuff, a happy dog.          

  • Dog Help on Firework Night

    What is a dog owner to do when she trembles in fear as her world turns into a hell sound scape? You need dog help on firework night. Just crank out the tunes!

  • Ochil woodland 2

    Some more photographs from the Ochil woodland above Alva and Tillicloultry. See Ochil Woodland part 1