No Representation Without Participation

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Felt like a student tonight. Something agitates your balance and forces you into fight or Netflix or Channel 4 as it was back then. So it is now. I can’t sit back, ignore or change channel. ‘Something must be done’ has bitten so I’m off to London town to register my displeasure.

Brexit is an old Conservative malignancy that was never treated. It festered and turned. John Major tried, Ken Clarke tried, David Cameron thought he could avoid it through a referendum and lost. Against all odds it was lost by a margin of 2.4% of the voting population. Coupled with a Vote Leave campaign that has since been fined and investigated by the Police over illegal practices during the referendum.

Social problems that contributed to people voting Leave require UK government action, not a detachment from the market that fuels our economy.

Now its infecting the country and at a stage where it WILL seriously harm our economy. That means less taxes, less adequate services, lower employment and poorer people. The softer impacts have us less tolerant, less welcoming or downright cold callous deportation of people who have settled in this country and have worked and paid taxes for decades. Dispatched like rats from their home. The ‘Nasty Party’ virus is making us a nasty country. One-nation conservatism is dead as Theresa fails badly her wannabes bob in the wings. (By their looks Conservatives are turning sour. I have voted conservative in the past). Compounding that tragedy is Labour’s lurch hard left. History tells us here be dragons, but they seem to have forgotten. So who the heck is left looking competent?

That is for tomorrow. Today demands a burst of colour, strong voice and humour on the streets of London town. (And I’m generally not the sort of person who normally does this sort of thing). Looking forward to sharing more photography soon. There’s enough politics around, sorry folks.

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One that nearly got to London…!