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Dog Help on Firework Night

What is a dog owner to do when she trembles in fear as her world turns into a hell sound scape? You need dog help on firework night. Just crank out the tunes!

Ochil woodland 2

Some more photographs from the Ochil woodland above Alva and Tillicloultry. See Ochil Woodland part 1  

Poppy up close

My adorable Golden Retriever, Poppy tends to treat any photo shoot with a turn of her head away from the lens. So you really need to work hard and patiently to capture Poppy up close.

Autumn in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

An interesting series of paths around this park in the Trossachs, particularly in autumn. An added element are metal mirror-finished sculptures nestling within the woodland that reflect light and landscape back at you in human form. Easily missed, but lovely when noticed.