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  • Sea perspective

    Sea perspective

    From Tentsmuir sands a low sea perspective of washed-up items from the shoreline.                     See more SEA

  • Fields of Clackmannanshire summer on iPhone

    Fields of Clackmannanshire summer on iPhone

    These were shot on an iPhone 4 in 2010 and are a good demonstration of how the iPhone camera (and others) have transformed photography. Its only weakness was wild swings in colour temperature from shot to shot, for which I corrected in this collection. These were taken around the rolling fields in Clackmannanshire at the foot…

  • Poppylocks snow frolics

    Poppylocks snow frolics

    An early November snowstorm in that cold winter of 2010 brought bliss for Poppy. She does enjoy tearing around, burying her head in the snow and snorting the stuff up her hooter (a nose for my readers in farther bits of the earth).                

  • Summer photographs from the garden

    Summer photographs from the garden

    Another batch of colour and detail with summer photographs from the garden in late summer. Mother nature can look glorious when you get close to the bugs and flowers.                                         More flower detail

  • Summer around Gartmorn dam

    Summer around Gartmorn dam

    I know its summer and this being a very wet one so dry and sunny pictures are scarce. So from 2011 enjoy these summer photographs around Gartmorn dam near Alloa, Clackmannanshire. The dam is an emergency backup water reserve should the many dams higher-up in the Ochils should run dry. Hah! Like thats ever going to…

  • Ochils over Dollar

    Ochils over Dollar

    An autumn stroll above the Ochils Dollar in Clackmannanshire. Castle Campbell (aka Castle Gloom) looks over the Forth Valley. Midday sun in November brought the colours to life as a mist creeps along the river Forth in the valley below.