Beware the Ides of March

Golden retriever Poppy

A plague does not happen overnight, there are warning signs. Signs that only make sense after the devastation, just as we experienced in Lamont Towers last night. Lets roll back a month to the garden. Two holes appeared in the ground very slowly near the base of a tree where divots were formed when we felled 20 years ago a 35m fir tree and the roots rotted. Then two nights ago a strange cat appeared at 7pm sniffing around the holes then sat still nearby tail wrapped around his legs. I visited the greenhouse much later to restart the paraffin heaters and noticed through the dark, reflections of cats eyes peering back.

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Covid 19 in 2020

Covid 19 Face visor on Poppy

With some Engineering skills and a 3D printer, I joined the National 3D Printing Society to create face visors for people in healthcare areas as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This is because there are severe shortages of PPE. Accountability for this must be served at a later date for those in charge, but for now lets get printing.

I have printed 221 after 3 weeks although a lot of optimising of print settings took place in the first 10 days then moving to 24×7 printing. This whole effort is a non-profit exercise from supply to delivery with the largest cost, filament used to create them. To help sustain this activity a JustGiving charitable drive is underway to finance supply of filament used in their manufacture and keep supply going.

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