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  • Power of One

    Power of One

    Once I finish writing this I am going to vote in today’s European Union referendum as should you. A vote for “Remain” or “Brexit” adds-up and the option with the most votes wins. No constituencies, local lists, proportional representation. Nothing will tilt the weight of your vote – it’s an equal measure.

  • The Summer Performance

    The Summer Performance

    The great landscape photographer Ansel Adams said: The negative is the equivalent of the composers score, and the print is the performance.

  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery

    Kelvingrove Art Gallery

    You have to hand it to Glasgow City Council, Scottish Government and generous benefactors to have this treasure trove of art open to all, without cost. Museums and galleries can create key moments for visiting children. Such moments can later inspire decisions based on that early childhood visit.

  • Cherished item 001

    Cherished item 001

    I know the photo omits the spit and polish of a Vogue magazine cover shot, thats because this is a work-a-day tool that had ‘some work done’. Its a Dualit Combi 2+1 toaster which I bought in 1997 for a very very princely sum. I’m embarrased at the amount I spent on a toaster. I could…

  • Decline of Political Media

    Decline of Political Media

    Don’t worry, I’m keeping my voting intention private. Tomorrow the United Kingdom votes representatives who create a new House of Commons in the Palace of Westminster, City of Westminster within the City of London. I’ve heard that Politics is ‘show business for ugly people’ and dislike the unflattery, but acting? Every 4-5 years they lose their job, cease being Members of Parliament and downgrade…

  • Eclipse emotion

    Eclipse emotion

      There is a well-known behaviour people exhibit when experiencing a sense of wonder. We all do it, almost instinctively. But this is not an animal instinct, it is too modern. What i’m talking about is when people visit an impressive vista or famous landmark and instantly reach for their camera or smartphone to grab a shot…