The Summer Performance

The great landscape photographer Ansel Adams said:

The negative is the equivalent of the composers score, and the print is the performance.

Since the age of 13 I have filled many large boxes with negatives. Around 1993 I moved to digital cameras and that collective is known as “towers of hard drives”. You would not be wrong to criticise me as being print-shy, hiding my lights under bushels or just dog-on lazy when it comes to creating prints of my work. Its just that I need an excuse to do so. The Forth Valley area which loosely includes Dunblane, Stirling, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire has a good population of Artists who create textiles, pottery, jewellery, painting and photography. Every year they put on exhibitions in studios, pop-up events and workshops around the area. So I decided to put fear in the doghouse, create prints from my hard drives and have an exhibition in my garage. Inside are collections of:

  • Landscape
  • Flora and fauna
  • Local
  • Abstract

I am now writing this surrounded by around sixty of these prints and Ansel’s words are singing to me. I look into many of these pieces in a new light as if meeting them for the first time. I love when visitors chat about a print because each image has its own story.

Its enjoyable to share the background (cold, 3am alarms, accidents, tears…) when it was taken “…oh yes that bad winter of 2010”. Some only want a particular piece because it matches well in their home/office/life. Different’s all good. Prints only exist in the real world the same way Father Christmas only exists when you see parcels under the Christmas tree on 25th of December. Many have never been published before or basked in the joy of smiling from a wall. Your welcome to visit see and experience their performance for yourself.



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