Squeezing in a wee test

Imagine sitting in Volvo heated seat holding a BMW M5 steering wheel while changing gears mated to a Bugatti Veyron mixing petrol and fire venting gas out a TVR exhaust cloaked in an Aston Martin suit? This cannot be done outside a Top Gear Research Facility, but in photography it is available to all.
I have been testing a Sony A7R mirrorless camera recently and would like to show off some very early test frames. This camera has astounding image character and although early days, I’m looking forward to bolting all sorts of lenses onto it.
First comment is the great dynamic range of the sensor. The lens used in this test is a perfect match with great detail across the frame giving lovely colour accuracy. Wide open it drops the background with an attractive character.

I will also write about my success getting Nikon flashguns to work with this camera, if there is interest.

All images shot with Sony Zeiss 35mm f2.8 lens.