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  • Ochil woodland 2

    Some more photographs from the Ochil woodland above Alva and Tillicloultry. See Ochil Woodland part 1  

  • Ochil woodland

    The woods behind Alva and Tillicoultry offer great views of the surrounding Forth valley and the surrounding woodland. It is and easy ramble anyone can do with several routes and good paths. See Ochil Woodland 2

  • Spring on Ochils

    Following on from my Spring Beauty series these are a few views of the Ochil’s in the new spring lush green finery. See Spring Beauty series

  • Spring Beauty 3

    More photography from Menstrie woods in Clackmannanshire.

  • Spring Beauty 2

    Spring Beauty 2

    More images from woodland around Menstrie in Clackmannanshire.

  • Spring Beauty

    Spring Beauty

    Around this time of year the woodland floor transforms from a barren dull brown into a lush colourful performance. At woods in nearby Menstrie, these bluebells and wild garlic fight through last years leaf litter to such a beautiful display. Worth seeking out.