A Warm Local Exposure and Press Release

I presented a selection of my portfolio to the Rotary Club of Bridge of Allan and Dunblane last month. The first time standing in front of relative strangers explaining the what and why of my photography. Introspection of my work is not a natural pastime. Yet when forced to, as in this event or my Exhibition, new discoveries of bias in what and how I approach photography become exposed. This is always a thinking game for me. So with a lifetime of imagery under review I really find out some things about myself. Themes I clearly like, places I revisit over time, the changing landscape. Its even possible to spot good times and others looking at my photography. Taking confidence from those lucky gems your stumbled upon and continually nagged by ‘the imperfects’. The shots that silently scream ‘why did you do this!’.

The presentation went well with great questions afterwards showing the audience’s healthy interest in photography. Thanks also to Andrew Hilley who started the idea. (The ladders? Well these can help align details in a shot making it viable or not. A tip I received from Landscape Photographer Charlie Waite).

Press Release on John Lamont presenting Landscape Photography
Peter Holmes (left), Nick Rawlings (right) and my trusty Landscape Photography ladders (the prop 😉

Oh and my first ever Press Release on Landscape Photography!

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