Isle of Harris Scotland

On leaving the campsite on Isle of Harris Scotland I noticed someone waiting for a bus, so I offered a lift. One of many pleasures of rural Scottish highlands is be friendly and you get friendly. They love to share the island and the culture with you.

Rainbow on Loch an Luig
Rainbow on Loch an Luig

Hebridean weather is driven by the jetsteam and prevailing south west atlantic winds. I experienced many changes from sunshine, howling horizontal rain, oodles of rainbows then beautiful sunshine – within an hour. Photography becomes a waiting game, but unlike most places it changes quickly so you often get your wish many times in one day.

Across Sound of Taransay, south isle of harris scotland
Across Sound of Taransay, south

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Catalan Landscape

The Catalan landscape has a similar look to typical Scottish rural landscapes. Catalonia has a different climate to most of Spain due to the Pyrenees. This has the effect of causing more rainfall, providing a greener landscape and colder winters than the rest of Spain. Scottish summers do not compare, but somehow the effects on the countryside draws similarities.

Field of dreams
Catalan Landscape – Field of dreams

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