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  • Catalonia Region

    The Catalonia region is not what most people consider as representative of Spain. Its because of the rain. And the mountains. The green landscape is heavily farmed thanks to its fertile and volcanic soil, but there is more. Its Mediterranean position means it can reach baking temperatures in summer and snowy, wet and cold in…

  • Bug beauty

    Bug beauty

    Place a bottomless white ice-cream tub on a sheet of paper, arrange flashlights around tub then invite bugs in for a quick beauty photo shoot.                

  • Banish the rain

    Banish the rain

    I can’t help publishing these garden macro photography shots of various garden flowers and insects. Using my oldest most treasured lens, a Canon 100mm f2.8, which renders very pleasingly.                           More butterflies bees and bugs

  • Garden budding

    Garden budding

  • Honey Bee

    The honey bee is having a great time with buddleia bursting out colour in the garden. I went close-up using an old macro lens to capture the beautiful detail in the wings and bodies.