Harvest bounty

My joy of gardening is seeing beautiful and tasty bounty harvested from garden to plate, sandwich or pot straight from the ground. This has been a good year with plenty sunshine and rain. This list includes:

  • Three sackfuls of potato
  • Six weeks of daily pickings of lettuce
  • Six weeks of cucumber
  • Endless tomatoes Friday from the vine
  • Four weeks of garden peas
  • A small carrot hill
  • Leeks
  • Rhubarb
  • Garlic (not matured yet)
  • Leeks (not mature)

The harvest bounty also provides the pleasure of sharing with family, friends and neighbours.  Of course I have photographs…

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Summer garden fruits

Every year I find new views of garden plants despite repeating favourite crops. There are new forms, textures, shape, insects, moisture, dirt etc because nature is both orderly and random. You need to get in close to see these views, they are not visible standing-up. You must get on your knees and close.

First-up we have Garden lettuce, carrot, pea and potato.

Lettuce leaf

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A Summer Flowering Garden

A collection of mid-summer flowering in the garden with a scottish twist…rain drops. Its been a wet summer so far with few bug invasions apart from a bampot of catepillars destroying a pot of Night Scented Stock. I’ve planted more vegatables than flowers this year; potato, peas, broccoli, lettuce, melon, cucumber, tomato, carrot, garlic and rhubarb. This is a small collection of flower and veg close-ups.