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Summer around Gartmorn dam

I know its summer and this being a very wet one so dry and sunny pictures are scarce. So from 2011 enjoy these summer photographs around Gartmorn dam near Alloa, Clackmannanshire. The dam is an emergency backup water reserve should the many dams higher-up in the Ochils should run dry. Hah! Like thats ever going to happen.

Over the past many years I have many photographs of the wildlife and greenery around this little heaven of nature. Each visit tells you how the seasons are constantly putting an arm around mother nature and helping her flow through the year. In all weathers.




















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Driving temptation

Montana skies

I have always wanted to play golf, but never got around to it. Tennis is my relief valve. Sense the magic in that split second as you hit the ball and feel it, knowing the shot was a winner. It happens too infrequently, but that is the temptation that brings you back. So I have avoided golf for that reason and the 24 hour limit in a day.
My Son’s play golf, and being so young means I must tag-a-long. They are members of Alloa Golf Club, in the grounds of old Schawpark House. Quite a picturesque course sometimes blessed with ‘Montana skies’.