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  • Catalonia Region

    The Catalonia region is not what most people consider as representative of Spain. Its because of the rain. And the mountains. The green landscape is heavily farmed thanks to its fertile and volcanic soil, but there is more. Its Mediterranean position means it can reach baking temperatures in summer and snowy, wet and cold in…

  • Rupit photographed in black and white

    This is another medieval village located 100km north of Barcelona and lies 800m up on hills in Catalonia, Spain. You can visit 12th Century churches, old buildings as well as carefully arranged fields which hint to its working life. Nowadays its charm attracts many visitors. Usually I shoot in colour, but for a change here is…

  • Clackmannanshire abstracts

    Clackmannanshire abstracts

    It’s not a frequent habit of me to shoot frames low in detail, shape and colour. Yet these shots can carry more weight and thoughtful curiosity. I hope you enjoy these Clackmannanshire abstracts.

  • Waverley Paddle Steamer day out

    Waverley Paddle Steamer day out

    Over the past ten years my family went “doon the water”, touring the Clyde estuary, its seaside ports and islands aboard the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world – a day out on the Waverley. If you have visitors, or just need to get some fresh-air then a day on the Waverley is an…

  • Squeezing in a wee test

    Squeezing in a wee test

    Imagine sitting in Volvo heated seat holding a BMW M5 steering wheel while changing gears mated to a Bugatti Veyron mixing petrol and fire venting gas out a TVR exhaust cloaked in an Aston Martin suit? This cannot be done outside a Top Gear Research Facility, but in photography it is available to all. I…

  • Alloa golf

    I have often wanted to play at Alloa Golf course, but never got around to it. Tennis and skiing are my relief valve. Thinking about golf its something I think I would find compulsive. You sense the magic in the split second striking the ball and feel it, knowing the shot was a winner. It…