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  • Harris Scotland

    North Harris Scotland is another slice of nice. Rainbows, rain and sunshine bring out so much definition in landscape photography. A bridge in the east links to Scalpay, an island of around 300 people that includes the lighthouse at Eilan Glas. More photography of that soon.    

  • Catalonia Region

    The Catalonia region is not what most people consider as representative of Spain. Its because of the rain. And the mountains. The green landscape is heavily farmed thanks to its fertile and volcanic soil, but there is more. Its Mediterranean position means it can reach baking temperatures in summer and snowy, wet and cold in…

  • Springtime in Stirling 2

    More springtime in Stirling. See Springtime in Stirling  

  • The Summer Performance

    The Summer Performance

    The great landscape photographer Ansel Adams said: The negative is the equivalent of the composers score, and the print is the performance.

  • Dollar Glen tour

    Dollar Glen tour

    Go for a tour or spin in Dollar Glen and see how Castle Campbell nestles into the Ochils. It spins, magnifies and if you click the full-screen button enlarges the view.